Mitel - Bigger Player Than You Think

When compared across the industry, Mitel is the best-kept secret with over 2 million cloud users choosing service day in and day out, more than the next four competitors combined. Part of that secret is that one of the best-known carriers in the US is using Mitel as their IP Centrex platform.

In this industry though, it is not about how many new users trust the solution, it's about how many stay with the provider. Mitel has one of the lowest customer churn rates in the business. The innovative voice and collaboration features are key to solving customer's communication problems, but more importantly is the exceptional customer service experience to retain those customers.

With a footprint across the globe (data centers located in the US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Australia), Mitel is well suited to meet the needs of all business of all sizes today and well in the future.

As a pioneer in cloud communications (dating back to the early 2000's) and a trailblazer in the telephony business for over 40 years, Mitel’s vision of one-touch to connect on any device, over any medium is coming to fruition.