Contact Analysts

Nancy Jamison - Principal Analyst, Frost and Sullivan, Focus: contact center, speech tech, social media,, Twitter: @nancyjami

Omer Minkara - Omer Minkara is the Research Director leading the Contact Center & Customer Experience Management research within Aberdeen Group. Focus: Best-in-Class practices and emerging trends in the technologies and business processes used to enhance customer experience across multiple interaction channels (e.g. social, mobile, web, email and call center). Twitter @omer_aberdeen

Keith Dawson - Principal Analyst, Customer Interaction, Ovum, Focus: contact center technologies, customer experience, www,, Twitter: @keithdawson

Daniel Hong - Lead Analyst, Ovum Research, Focus: customer experience, mobile, speech recognition,, Twitter: @D_Hong

Ian Jacobs - Principal Analyst, Ovum, Focus: contact center markets and technologies,, Twitter: @iangjacobs

Drew Kraus - Research VP, Gartner, Focus: contact center infrastructure and cloud-based solutions,

Irwin Lazar - VP and Service Director, Nemertes Research, Focus: IP contact center, communications-enabled business processes, enterprise social computing platforms and strategies, SIP,, Twitter:  @imlazar

Kate Leggett - Principal Analyst, Application Development & Delivery Professionals, Forrester Research, Focus:  customer service strategy, CRM, customer experience management,, Twitter: @kateleggett

Michael Maoz - VP Research, Gartner, Focus: CRM, multichannel contact center applications, social CRM/communities,, Twitter: @Gartner_inc

Sheila McGee-Smith - President and Principal Analyst, McGee-Smith Analytics, Focus: contact center and enterprise communications markets,, Twitter: @mcgeesmith

Dan Miller - Senior Analyst & Founder, Opus Research, Focus: mobile customer care, conversational commerce, voice biometrics,, Twitter: @dnm5

Unified Communications

Blair Pleasant - Blair Pleasant provides consulting and market research analysis on voice/data convergence markets and technologies, aimed at helping end-user and vendor clients both strategically and tactically., Twitter: @blairplez   

Jon Arnold - Jon Arnold is Principal of J Arnold & Associates, an independent telecom analyst and marketing consultancy based in Toronto, Ontario. JAA’s primary focus is on IP communications and disruptive technologies, such as VoIP, mobile broadband, IPTV, telepresence, unified communications, peer-to-peer, social media and Web 2.0., Twitter: @arnoldjon

Art Schoeller - Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Focus: unified communications and contact center technology,

Dave Michels - Dave is an independent industry analyst and consultant focusing on IP PBX UC strategies and solutions; particularly around emerging trends such as cloud telephony, endpoints, mobility, and channel strategies. Dave has a background in enterprise IT and networks, and a passion for IP Telephony. He is an active blogger on telecom and related topics at


Michael Finneran - Michael Finneran is an independent consultant, industry analyst, and writer specializing in wireless technologies. He covers the full range of wireless technologies (Wi-Fi, Cellular, WiMAX, and RFID), as well as mobile UC and fixed-mobile convergence.

Benedict Evans - Benedict Evans is an anlalyst that works at Andreessen Horowitz. Subscribe at :