If your users have to spend the day toggle in and out of multiple systems to do their jobs relief may now be in sight.

Most organizations use multiple software and data systems to address such needs as accounting, telecommunications, email, customer relationship management (CRM), client support, inventory and banking.  Typically, employees need to access multiple system databases to get the information they need to solve problems, check status or make better decisions. The greater the numbers of applications, the more challenging it becomes to access and manage all the disparate information.

Unified Data is the process of aggregating information from multiple software and data programs so that a user can leverage the power of having all of the information available with better access so that they can improve decision making.  The key therefore is to find a way to aggregates data from multiple business software applications and displays it with data into a uniform view for faster, more convenient access and usage.

By having the ability to get simultaneous access to all of the information you need through on your personalized a single user interface, or "dashboard."  Data is accessed in real time without having to copy or move it to another location.  And with customizable data and controls that precisely match each user's needs, your employees get the exact information, not too little and not too much, they need at the exact moment in  time they need it, right on their desktop dashboard.

Glue creates the foundation to help you automate and simplify your business processes.  By aggregating relevant data from existing systems and databases and providing access and control through a single dashboard, Glue can help every employee throughout your firm to do a better, more efficient job.  Benefits include:

  • Faster access to data across multiple systems and databases
  • Simple, single and easily customizable interface for multiple software programs and data sources
  • Easy for employees to use without lengthy training
  • Users get the functionality and data that they need without being inundated with unnecessary information and overly complex user interfaces of other systems
  • Individual users have the ability to customize many aspects of the Glue dashboard for themselves
  • No need for the data migration that is typically associated with upgrading to a new product
  • Eliminates the need to enter and methodically update enterprise-wide data into multiple systems and databases