Improvement Metrics

Although call volume is up about 8.5% over the last two years:

  • Abandoned call rate down 6%
    • Calls answered more quickly
    • Call prompts are easier to understand
  • Transfer rate down 9.7%
    • Customers go to the right agent the first time with skill based routing
  • Voice mail volume down 30%
    • Call back queue allows customer to “stay in line” without leaving a voice mail


Personalized Communications

  • Simplified Interactive Voice Response for customer input – Get them to an agent more quickly
  • Use skill-based routing – Get caller to the “RIGHT” agent
  • Implemented call back queue – No more waiting on hold or leaving voice mails
  • Flexibility to change agent coverage easily – Vacation/sick days
  • Ability to “listen in” on agent calls to coach new hires



CRM enhancements

  • Auto-confirm accounts that are identified
  • Pass confirmed account and interaction record to new agent on a transferred call
  • Allow agents to create tasks for other agents
    • Useful during vacations
  • Intelligently route emails and faxes
  • Pass account details to ERP for processing transactions and pass sales order numbers back to the Interaction Record
  • Step one on the journey to an Omni-channel customer experience