The Dytel automated attendant (auto attendant) also known as the Call Center Gateway was the first voice processing system in the history of the industry.  Dytel was founded by Sanford (Sandy) Morganstein to capitalize on his invention of the Automated Attendant.  As an engineer that worked on the Rockwell Collins Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) he came up with the idea of adding benefits to the inbound caller and gave them self control over the routing of their calls. 

CommuniTech Services began selling Dytel equipment in 1983 and later acquired selected assets of the company.  We still support many happy customers. The oldest known Dytel customer is a company whose system we installed in 1984 and it is still happily running. We still have many such customers.

The addition of Automated Attendant features to voice mail led to the mass market acceptance of voice mail.  Though often overshadowed by voice mail technology, the enormous power and benefit of routing calls continues to improve the efficiency of enterprises and the benefits cannot be underestimated. Sandy is truly the "Father of Call Processing".

Dytels have occupied a unique niche for many years but now there is a finally successor product that is worthy. Call us and we will tell you more about it.