How We Do It

Single Screen Access to All Customer Data – Giving your contact center agents instant access to valuable customer information and transactional data empowers them to serve your customers quickly and efficiently.

Connection and Engagement – Making sure that your customers can reach the right contact center agent through the communications medium of their choice (voice, email, web chat, SMS, fax and automated.  Customer interactions are simple, consistent and relevant across all channels.

Self-Service Options – Customers who prefer to use automated systems can take advantage of the self-service options available with the built-in IVR.

Increase Customer Engagement:

IQPC’s Executive Report - 79.7% said the contact center is involved in defining the customer experience.  

IQPC’s Executive Report - 79.7% said the contact center is involved in defining the customer experience.

  • Enable the back office and contact center in real-time to trigger events. This delivers more than presence, messaging and screen pops - it gets the right communications to the appropriate people in real-time to help reduce the human latency, improve customer engagement and satisfaction and provide for a more user friendly experience.
  • Embed telephony functions into the back office software applications like CRM and ERP. Automating business process flows provides a much stronger ROI to many lines of business and vertical industries.
  • Provide business users with a continuous, high-quality, real-time communication experience among every facet of the business – from customers to suppliers to employees to upper management. The end result is a more cohesive business unit.

Benefits of Increasing Customer Engagement:

  • Improve service levels and decrease staff costs
  • Improve First Call Resolution and cut waiting times
  • Integrate contact centers with business applications software
  • Expand the pool of customer service personnel available for peak times to react to fluctuating contact volumes (seasonal peaks, peak hours or sudden increase in contact volume
  • Unify all communication channels (phone, email, fax, text, web and chat) so that customers can receive enhanced customer service regardless of how they communicate and empower agents with a history of all previous interactions, regardless of channel or department
  • Provide real time monitoring and comprehensive reporting to ensure customer service quality and understand your customers' behavior in real-time and adjust your contact center operations accordingly
  • Deliver a uniform grade of service across voice, e-mail, short messaging service, fax, and chat communications channels
  • Manages high call volumes and expedites call resolution through intelligent routing of requests leveraged by customer data residing in your enterprise systems
  • Connect call agents from anywhere using only an Internet connection
  • Work with your enterprise software, including SAP CRM and ERP
  • Improved service delivery through fast problem resolution and enhanced outbound communications