“For our contact center project, finding the right consulting partner was critical.  CommuniTech Services provided us with not only expert technical resources but also with resources who could recommend processes based on call center best practice, project management and detailed business analysis.  Because of our partnership with CommuniTech Services and SAP Contact Center software, our call center agents are now equipped to take our customer service to new heights.” - Sandy Reisenauer, Wacker Neuson

Today's customers are different

They have their own time pressures and want their needs to be addressed as fast as possible. They want to be able to reach you through multiple channels and when they reach you, they expect you to be knowledgeable about them and how to address their needs.

As customers have better experiences (from companies like Apple and Amazon), they expect better experiences

As customers have better experiences (from companies like Apple and Amazon), they expect better experiences

What Customer's Expect

Customers are demanding the companies they interact with to take proactive measures to ensure a great experience.  They expect:

  • Everything to be personalized, and any communication to cater to their preferences while respecting their privacy
  • The service agents they interact with to anticipate their needs and be ahead in terms of understanding and solving their problems
  • That the companies they do business with will support the communication channels that they prefer

What Customers Don't Want

They don't want to wait for you, they want to accomplish what they called in for as quickly as possible. Customers don't want to face obstacles in contacting you. They detest extensive voice menus, being forced into automated options and interactions with contact center agents lacking the tools to help them. In a recent study, customers said that:

  • 91% don't like having to contact a company multiple times for the same reason
  • 90%  don't like being put on hold for a long time
  • 89% don't like having to repeat their issue to multiple representatives

What is the root cause of Customer Frustration?

The usual culprit, stand-alone contact center equipment not integrated to the rest of the organization’s processes. No matter how good the contact center itself is, what does it take for the agent to handle an order or answer an inquiry? It takes time to toggle into other systems to address needs. Typically, employees need to access one or more databases to get the information needed to solve problems, check status, or make better decisions. The answers may lie in an accounting, CRM, ERP, client support, or inventory systems. The greater the number of applications, the more time consuming it is all of which hurt the chance for first call resolution.