Intelligent Outbound Multi-Channel Communications

Flexible Notification Creation and Initiation - Notifications are triggered by business application, the web, smart phone, or phone call

Wider Reach - Alerts are sent to a combination of communications technologies by voice, email, text, web chat or IVR

Interactive Acknowledgment - Messages can be acknowledged by recipients by replying to messages or through confirmation

There is a growing demand for comprehensive, multiple means of outbound communications

There is a growing demand for comprehensive, multiple means of outbound communications

Applications for Outbound Contact Center include:

  • Outbound patient communications
  • Warn students about crises on College and University campuses.
  • Feedback loops for quality control
  • Any environment where a built-in escalation process is required

Multi-channel capabilities are important:

  • Reduce the risks of relying on a single technology (for example, SMS that rely on a cellular network can become jammed with user gridlock)
  • Layering multiple, disparate technologies with differing reporting systems yields unusable reports and documentation

What is needed is comprehensive, multiple means of communication that can become an integrated component of an organization's business processes. Capabilities include:

  • Message Confirmation and Find-Me - Recipients can confirm receipt of the message through their touch-tone phone. If a recipient has more than one listed number or communications medium, each can be contacted until a confirmation is received. The enterprise can see in real time the state of their broadcast, which recipients were contacted and when the notification occurred.
  • Broadcast a Message - to land/mobile phones, PC desktops, SMS, and email. A One-click broadcast with pre-recorded messages to recipient lists is also possible.